Hello! I am an Associate Professor of Media and Cultural Studies in the Communication Department of Denison University in Granville, Ohio.  As of Fall 2017, I am also serving as Department Chair.

My ongoing research and teaching interests include media history and policy; impacts of popular culture on public life; theories, practices, and future of citizen-produced media; and media and disability. You can read and download my curriculum vitae

I am the co-editor (with Elizabeth Ellcessor) of
Disability Media Studies, published by New York University Press. Disability Media Studies articulates the formation of a new field of study, based in the rich traditions of media, cultural, and disability studies. Necessarily interdisciplinary and diverse, this collection weaves together work from scholars from a variety of disciplinary homes, into a broader conversation about exploring media artifacts in relation to disability. It is available for pre-order here.

My other publications include articles in
Critical Studies in Media Communication, Radio Journal, Television and New Media, the Journal of the Society for American Music, the Journal of Popular Culture, the Journal of Radio and Audio Media, and several anthologies: Sound in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, edited by David Suisman and Susan Strasser; Down to Earth: Satellite Technologies, Industries and Cultures, edited by Lisa Parks and James Schwoch; and Radio’s New Wave, edited by Michele Hilmes and Jason Loviglio. Some of those publications are available here.

I am currently working on a book project on the intersection of radio and disability. I have also written a brief history of the founding of Granville, Ohio for the Granville Historical Society, available
here. The book won a Silver Medal from the Ohio Museums Association in their Visual Communications Awards for 2011.

I am co-producer of the
Aca-Media podcast, a monthly show that presents an academic perspective on media. Aca-Media is affiliated with Cinema Journal and the Society for Cinema and Media Studies.

I am married to
Anna Nekola, an oboist and musicologist.  

You can reach me at billkirkp@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter @billkirkp.